Lois Robertson Nursing Scholarship

The Rushford community Foundation was chartered in 1998 by a group of local community leaders. Through the generosity and vision of one of those leaders, Lois Roberton, RCF offers annual $1,000 scholarships to nursing students from the area with priority consideration given to Rushford-Peterson High School graduates. Current seniors and alumni are invited to apply.

All applicants for this scholarship must complete the application and submit it no later than April 15. A typewritten essay must accompany the completed application. A panel of impartial judges appointed by the Foundation will select the winning applicant(s). The scholarship will be paid directly to the business office of the school where the student has been accepted and/or is attending.

Previous scholarship winners may apply for renewal of scholarships for up to four years of continuous full-time study toward the nursing degree. Year one is considered to be the first year the applicant received the scholarship; eligibility will then continue for the next three calendar years as long as satisfactory progress is being made.

Complete the Application for the Lois Roberton Nursing Scholarship Fund here.

Complete the Renewal Application for the Lois Roberton Nursing Scholarship Fund here.

Arthur Miller Community Service Scholarship

History: The Arthur Miller Community Service Scholarship was established by family and friends of Arthur Miller (1908-2005) and the Rushford Area Community Foundation to honor the life and memory of this dedicated public servant who did so much for the Rushford area. It is also intended to honor the selfless spirit of volunteerism like that of the hundreds of friends, relatives and strangers who came to Rushford’s aid for months following the flood of 2007.

Mr. Miller lived an active life as a businessman, public servant, U.S. Naval Officer, health care administrator and newspaper columnist. Those lucky enough to have known him recall a man who embodied the spirit of community service. Mr. Miller served terms as mayor and councilman, county commissioner, and more.

Mr. Miller volunteered in numerous community organizations during his lifetime. His love for his community was evident in the newspaper columns he wrote later in life where he commented on local issues and reminisced about the past. He was a mentor and friend to several generations.

Volunteerism was a priority to Mr. Miller. Just two years after his death, the Rushford community experienced firsthand the miracle of volunteers during the flood of 2007. This flood resulted in over two-thirds of homes being affected, as well as nearly all local businesses. Immediately after this tragedy struck, volunteers starting pouring into town to help with clean-up and eventual rebuilding. The city owes a debt of gratitude that can never really be repaid to these hundreds of people, most of whose names we will never know, who came from all parts of the United States to help in our time of need.

The purpose of this scholarship is to honor volunteerism and to assist Rushford-Peterson graduates seeking further education in areas that will lead to public service, including but not limited to law, journalism, law enforcement, education, political science, criminal justice and social work. The recipient will also be a person who has shown a strong commitment to volunteerism, both in the past and the future.

Selection Criteria: Applications will be reviewed by a panel of impartial judges appointed by RCF, and may include a member(s) of the Miller family. Current Rushford-Peterson seniors are invited to apply. The recipient will be selected on the basis of academic merit, a history of community service volunteer activities, and, especially, on a one-page essay described in the application. One scholarship of $1,000 will be awarded and paid directly to the post-secondary school chosen by the recipient to be used for tuition and other college fees. Application materials are due no later than April 15.

Complete The Authur Miller Community Service Scholarship Application here.